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Dairy Markets
Phone: 973-258-9600 | 877-258-9600


Founded in 1983.

MCT Dairies, Inc. set out with a goal of providing quality cheese and dairy products at competitive prices with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our initial philosophy was to offer customers the advantage of purchasing products at factory direct prices in less than truckload quantities while developing niche markets for manufacturers not previously explored by them. This concept has greatly expanded as the business continues to grow.

Since its inception, MCT Dairies has developed into a full line dairy distributor and trading house. We specialize in both domestic and imported products including cheese, butter, butterfats, milk powder, and dried dairy proteins. The company functions as a distributor, importer, exporter and marketing arm for numerous domestic and international manufacturers. Our focus is on value-added products, new product development, as well as purchasing out-of-spec or surplus products for further processing.

MCT offers a wide range of products, ingredients and services to the industrial, dairy processing, manufacturing, cheese grating, cut and wrap, retail and food service industries.

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MCT Dairies is the leading supplier of cheese and dairy ingredients, offering innovative solutions throughout the world.