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Dairy Markets
Phone: 973-258-9600 | 877-258-9600

Customized Applications

MCT supplies customized dairy ingredients for any processing application

Our technical support team can help achieve your specific requirements including

  • Melt point
  • Flavor profile
  • Texture
  • Shelf stability
  • Increased cost savings
  • Ingredient labeling

Our customized cheese, butter and dairy products are included in pocket sandwiches, soups, salad dressings, pasta and cheese, baked goods, snack foods, candies, protein drinks, sausages and more. We bring the following customization including:

  • Enhanced or flavor intensified cheese
  • Restricted melt point cheese
  • Customized products and blends
  • Substitute blends
  • Custom dry blended dairy powders
  • Powder agglomerating and instantizing

MCT Dairies provides product aging to help you achieve both your product quality, storage and distribution capabilities. We provide, aging, processing, packaging and fulfillment services you need to ensure your product is as highly marketable and profitable as possible.

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MCT Dairies is the leading supplier of cheese and dairy ingredients, offering innovative solutions throughout the world.