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Dairy Markets
Phone: 973-258-9600 | 877-258-9600

MCT Dairies services

At MCT Dairies, our reach is broad, serving industrial, dairy processing, manufacturing, food service, cut, wrap and shred packaging and distribution industries across the globe.

Our customers benefit from our unparalleled services in:

We set benchmarks for the highest quality cheese, butter and dairy products and the most reliable customer and technical support. Our expertise is unique in the industry and we pride ourselves on bringing solutions to our customers that help them solve their most complex challenges affordably and efficiently. From our price protection hedging services and inventory product aging programs to developing your special blend, MCT Dairies’ knowledge and in-depth understanding of the cheese, butter and dairy markets brings a higher level of value to our clients than that of a traditional resource.

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MCT Dairies is the leading supplier of cheese and dairy ingredients, offering innovative solutions throughout the world.